Skype Calling Rates

skype calling rates

Skype is a popular instant messaging application that allows the users to instantly connect via text, video and also audio by mobile gadgets, desktop or laptops. As long as you have a skype application, a skype account and an active internet connection you can instantly be connected to your contact wherever you are. Skype allows you to be connected free of charge if you are communicating from a Skype account to a Skype account. This means that the Skype that you open using your mobile gadgets or laptop is also installed in your friend’s mobile gadgets or laptops. Therefore you are communicating via Skype using the internet and data plan connection.

Therefore, the only cost that you are paying is the internet connection through this method. However, if you are connecting using Skype to call a landline or a cell phone number, this is where you will be charge. For a user based in US or Canada, the rate for an unlimited monthly calling plan is only $2.95 per month. By subscribing to this, you do not have to worry on the length of your conversation as it is unlimited. Depends on your location, you can check your Skype calling rates by going to the Skype website and key in your location and the location of the landline or mobile number that you want to call.
skype rates
Skype also offers Skype Credit as a pre-paid options for their users who always uses this type of communication. This helps a lot especially when you are travelling overseas and you want to avoid the international roaming cost to your bill as it is quite costly for you to call your friends or relatives back home using the traditional data plan. By having a Skype credit, you can be instantly connected to your contacts with minimal cost and also have clear communication as well.