What is FaceTime on iPhone?

facetime on iphone

Since iPhone 4 was introduced by Apple, the FaceTime application has become a mandatory feature in the iPhone application. It is integrated with the caller and also in the contact function. It is also a stand-alone apps that can be located in the iOS. The FaceTime in iPhone allows the users the option to be connected to their contacts and friends via video conferencing. If their contacts are also using Apple devices, they can choose to communicate via FaceTime only. They can avoid using the cellular network and this will save them in terms of cost as FaceTime communicates via internet.

The internet can be based on a Wi-Fi platform or also on a cellular network data plan. The best thing about FaceTime on iPhone is that it can already be used out of the box. Once you have an iPhone, you are registered via FaceTime either through your phone number or your Apple ID. You can immediately start your video calling with anyone that also has the FaceTime application whether they are using iPad or iPhone. You can also just ask Siri, the voice application in the iPhone to activate the FaceTime by telling Siri “FaceTime with ”. The application will immediately detect the contact and will automatically create a FaceTime connection. The FaceTime with a good internet connection will give you a clear and seamless connection. FaceTime can also now being used with only audio connection. This is called the FaceTime Audio. You can call anyone and be connected and chat with through normal audio connection as similar as to chatting via a normal cellular network. The connection via FaceTime is also secure and you do not have to worry of other people snooping around your connection. As long as you are using a secured Wi-Fi connection, you are guaranteed a secure and reliable connection using the application.