Is FaceTime Free Internationally?

facetime international

FaceTime is an application readily available in Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and also in the MacBook. It is basically a video conferencing application that allows people to communicate via iPhone or iPad using video style connection. The FaceTime connection is based on internet platform. This is different compared to a cellular network in which the connection is based on a cellular platform. Therefore, the FaceTime user can be connected to anyone and anywhere as long as they are connected via the internet. So, the question of whether FaceTime is free internationally depends on the cost of the internet access.

This is because the cost to the FaceTime usage is different compared to an iPhone that uses cellular network internationally. If an iPhone user chooses to communicate via cellular network at overseas, the calling rate is based on roaming charges. This roaming charges differs based on the international areas they are in and also the cellular network they are using. However, if you are using FaceTime in overseas, the only charge or cost you incurred is the internet charge. Some cellular network does provides data roaming in which you can access the internet via this data roaming. However, this method can sometimes be quite expensive. Some method people use when they want to use FaceTime internationally free is by accessing public Wi-Fi that is available in public places. You can use certain apps that can detect free public Wi-Fi nearby. However, for people who travels intensively, they would probably knew where they can access free public Wi-Fi in which they can use their FaceTime connection with almost free cost. Free public Wi-Fi is sometimes good enough for a good FaceTime connection. However, you can also choose to have a pocket Wi-Fi that normally have unlimited data plan through a fix subscription with your cellular network. This data plan covers international usage and can be quite cheap to subscribe.