Forgot FaceTime Password

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If you are one of those FaceTime users who barely uses FaceTime, you might probably be encountering the ‘Forgot FaceTime Password’ situation. Your friend or contact wants to communicate with you via FaceTime but you just realized that you have forgotten your FaceTime password. So, if you are having problem to remember your FaceTime password, it means you also have also forgotten your Apple ID password as it is the same account. It is also the same account where you used to purchase apps in the iTunes and Apple store.

However, if you remember your Apple ID password there is no need to reset the password for FaceTime as it uses the same password. However, if you completely forgot your password, you can always reset your password as long as you know the email address that you used to open the Apple ID account. Just go to the and there you can enter your Apple ID and Apple will then send your new password to your email account.
Forgot Facetime Password
However, if you also forgot your Apple ID, you can provide at that website your personal information such as your first name, last name and registered address. Apple will then cross check the reference in their database and check whether it will corresponds to any Apple ID that was registered under your name with the same registered address. Once the correct information was key-in, Apple will immediately sent your new password to your email account. Once reset, you can change the password in the settings to your more preferred password. The best way to not forget your password is by writing it in a piece of paper and place it somewhere safe in your house. This is because you will tend to have a lot of internet accounts that you will not use. However, once you want to use it you already forgot the password to that account. Never save your password in your smartphone as the risk of losing your smartphone together with the detail and password of your account will be risky as the detail would be in the wrong hands. By writing it in a paper and keep it in a safe place in which only you knew the location will avoid the ‘Forgot FaceTime Password’ situation again.