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How to Add People on Facetime

how to add people on facetime

Facetime is an instant messaging platform that is embedded in your iPhone and iPad. It was developed by Apple as a mean of video communication between Apple devices and it has now even audio features as well. It uses the internet as their channel and is not depended on the cellular network as normally the traditional choice of platform for phone communication.

So, how do you add people on Facetime? If you using the iPhone, it is very simple. Just open up your iPhone and find the Facetime icon.
facetime icon
Once you open the Facetime application, you will see the ‘+’ button at the top right corner. Just click on that button and you will be brought into your contact. There will list people in your contact list that have an Apple ID. It is important the people you want to add has an Apple ID.
facetime add people
This is because Facetime only works with Apple devices only. Therefore, any Apple users who have Apple devices would definitely have an Apple ID. From the list, just choose any person that you want to add on Facetime. You can also search the name, email or number of the person in the search bar at the top. It will then find the contact person that you have listed in your contact list. Once you find that person, just click on that person’s name and it will then appear on the Facetime history contact list. So, each time you open your Facetime, the name of the person that you have a history of Facetime video or audio call will appear. This will make it much easier for you to connect using Facetime in the future. Another way of adding people on Facetime is by asking the contact person’s Apple ID. The Apple ID is in email format and you can have it manually entered into your address book.