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What is Facetime and how you can use it for personal and business use

what is facetime

Since iPhone 4 was introduced by Apple, the FaceTime application has become a mandatory feature in the iPhone application. It is integrated with the caller and also in the contact function. It is also a stand-alone apps that can be located in the iOS. The FaceTime in iPhone allows the users the option to be connected to their contacts and friends via video conferencing. If their contacts are also using Apple devices, they can choose to communicate via FaceTime only. When Apple first introduced FaceTime on iPhone 4, the application can only be used over Wifi only. Therefore, the users of iPhone 4 at that time would use FaceTime over Wifi instead of using it over normal cellular network as the current infrastructure at that time does not support the FaceTime using 3G or data plan. However, as the cellular network operator upgraded their infrastructure, iPhone 4S and above version that runs on iOS6 allows the FaceTime over Wifi as well as 3G connection. When you connect using FaceTime, Facetime does use data and the data usage is approximately at 3 MB per minutes. This data carries the video feed as well as the audio feed to your contacts and vice versa. This also depends on whether you are using an iPhone or an iPad. So, by knowing the approximate data that your FaceTime is using can result in knowing the exact amount of internet bill that you are going to pay. If you are using a Wireless internet or Wi-Fi, you will be able to save cost significantly as normally the internet services that you subscribe are normally paid monthly at a fix price.