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Top Five Instant Messaging Application

Top 5 Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging have now evolved from the Internet Relay Chat during the early dial-up internet to the Short Messaging System or SMS and now to an explosive array of instant messaging application. The objective of instant messaging is basically still the same and that is to deliver our messages in real time. The only difference between the current instant messaging is the ability to not just send text messages but as well as audio, video, data, pictures and many other types of file in communicating a message in real time. The method of communicating also have expanded from just a one to one message to group messaging and also broadcasting messaging all done in real time. Instant Messaging was first introduced way back in 1996 with ICQ. Introduced by Mirabilis, it is the first application to have real time instant messaging communication between computers. Currently, Instant Messaging have around 3 Billion active users worldwide with the top users are the age below 25 years old. Read this on our previous article on what is Instant Messaging to know more.
Brief info on Instant Messaging
In this article, we will going to list down the top five instant messaging based on our view and rating. The top five Instant Messaging that is worth mentioning is as below

WhatsApp is a popular cross mobile messaging platform that can be access using your mobile smartphone as well as the web via your PC or laptop. Created in 2009, WhatsApp has now more than 900 million users worldwide. Than is even bigger than the population of the United States of America. WhatsApp enables the users to send text messages, video, audio and pictures. The factors that made WhatsApp so popular is the simple and user friendly interfaces and also it is free currently but there is a plan for a subscription based type of fee. Learn here on how to do a WhatsApp registration.

FaceTime developed by Apple is not just for your iPhone or iPad only. It can be accessed via your MacBook. The FaceTime MacBook offers the same convenient seamless video connection as in your iPad or iPhone. Unlike others instant messaging website, FaceTime can only be use in Apple devices only. However, it can be accessible in many different platforms as long as it is in in the iOS environment. It is estimated that around 15 to 20 million calls are made daily using FaceTime. Read more on what is Facetime and its application here to learn more.

Even before FaceTime or WhatsApp, Skype has been a prominent choice of instant messaging when it comes to desktop and also via website. The advantage of Skype is that it can use in almost any platforms as long as it has an access to the internet. However, Skype does charge the users a certain amount of fee for advance uses of the application. In 2015, it have an estimated 300 million active users with more than 700 million minutes of Skype calling. Skype also offers free as well as calling rates if the call is made from Skype to a land line. Checkout this Skye calling rate to know more.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger was introduced by Facebook as an integrated application together with its Facebook website. Facebook Messenger is a way for you Facebook users to communicate with each other in real time manner. In 2014, Facebook made the messenger as a standalone application outside Facebook website. Therefore you can download it as an app for your smartphones without the need to access Facebook website. Due to the popularity of Facebook, the Facebook Messenger is used daily by majority of the Facebook users. It is estimated that 700 million of the Facebook users uses the Facebook Messengers. Not many people are using this feature but Facebook Messenger can be used to send money.

Telegram is basically a cloud based instant messaging services developed and launched in 2013. Telegram was once touted as a challenger to the WhatsApp as it have certain advantages such as bigger limitation of group chat members, the variety if files that can be shared via the platform and several more. You can read our article WhatsApp vs Telegram here to know more. It is estimated that it have around 100 million of active users and 15 billion of messages are delivered daily.

Snapchat is also one of the emerging top instant messaging as well as social media platform. Learn how to add friends on Snapchat here.