Top 5 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

whatsapp tips and tricks

In this article, we are going to list the top 5 WhatsApp tips and tricks that probably some users are not aware. Even though there are many WhatsApp tips and tricks, in this article, we are going to list only the top 5 WhatsApp tips we think is of most useful for iPhone users.

1. WhatsApp invisible Status Mode

If you preferred not to been seen while online using WhatsApp, you can change the privacy setting in your WhatsApp. Below are the steps.
Step 1 WhatsApp Invisible
Step 1
Go to your WhatsApp Settings. If you don’t know where it is just open WhatsApp and you will see it at right bottom of your screen.

Step 2
After tapping the settings, tap into ‘Account’. If you don’t know where ‘Account’ button is, it is the blue icon with an image of a key. Under the Account, choose Privacy.

Step 2 WhatsApp invisible
Step 3
In the Privacy screen, you can change the ‘Last Seen’ status, Profile Photo as well status from being seen from either nobody, your contacts or everyone. Choose ‘Nobody’ so that no one can see your last seen status.

Additional Step for being invisible
Choose the ‘Blocked’ and tap the ‘Add New’ button. There you can select which contact that you want to be invisible from. Blocked contacts can no longer be able to call you or send you messages.

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2. How to save a message
Instead of doing screen shot, you have the option of saving some of your favourite messages in your WhatsApp account. Here are the steps.
Step 1 Whatsapp Saved Message
Step 1
Choose the message that you want to save and pressed onto to that message.

Step 2
Once the message is pressed, you can see the black banner above the message. Choose the starred icon at the further left of the black banner.
Step 2 Whatsapp saved message
Step 3
Once saved, you can see the messages that you have saved by going to the Settings and choose ‘Starred Messages’.

3. Avoid the Blue Tick Have Read Messages

If you do want to read a message but do not want to be seen as online, you can activate your iPhone airplane mode. This setting will deactivate your iPhone from sending data outside. However, you can still open your WhatsApp and read the messages that have been sent earlier. The blue ticks also will not appear as your WhatsApp would not be able sending any confirmation of the messages being read due to the no internet connectivity.
avoid whatsapp blue ticks
Once you received a message, go to your iPhone settings and activate the Airplane Mode. Only after that you open the received messages. The “Blue Tick” will not appear until you are connected back to the internet. You can read more on WhatsApp Blue Ticks here in our previous article.

4. How to Stop Automatic Download
If you do not want to flood your iPhone’s image and video gallery from all the images and videos you received from WhatsApp, you can deactivate this by following the steps below.
Step 1 Stop whatsapp download
Step 1
Go to your WhatsApp settings and choose the Chats.

Step 2
Turn off the ‘Save Incoming Media’

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5. See WhatsApp Message Details

See Whatsapp message details
If you want to see the info of the messages that you sent and to check whether it have been sent and read, you can do that by pressing onto the message. A black banner will appear above the message and choose ‘Info’. There it will show when your message was actually delivered and when was it read.