Top 5 FaceTime Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Facetime Tips

FaceTime application is one of the most used application in the iPhone and was first introduced when iPhone 4 was launched way back in 2010. Back then, FaceTime only allows video calling via the internet using Wi-Fi. However improved version of FaceTime have been released following the improvement of the telecommunication network infrastructure as well as the added hardware of iPhone and Apple’s devices. Now, FaceTime calling can be done via Audio and Video using the Cell phone operator network as well as Wi-Fi connection. Below are the Top 5 Facetime tips and tricks for all iPhone users that we compiled for your reading pleasure.

1. 3 Way FaceTime

FaceTime 3 way video calling is not yet available at the time of this article writing. The application allows a two way video communication between one Apple devices with another Apple devices. The connection is made via an email address as well as the mobile phone number. However, a 3 way audio FaceTime can be done and therefore a teleconferencing can be conducted via the FaceTime application. Below are the steps that is required to do a 3 Way Facetime.

3 way facetime

Step 1
The first step is you can start a call by placing a normal call to your intended contact.

3 way facetime 2

Step 2
Then once the call is pick up, you can select the Add Call button to make another call while putting on-hold for the person that you are currently communicating that is still on the line.

Step 3
After the second person pick up their phone, you then select Merge Calls on the touch screen. You will now have a 3 way teleconferencing via your iPhone. If you want more people to join in, you can also select the loud speaker and other people in your room can also join the conversation.

2. Facetime on TV
Here is another cool tips for FaceTime users. If you already purchased an Apple TV, you probably interested to know that you can actually use Facetime on your Apple TV. Facetime is an Apple application and therefore it can work in various Apple devices. This includes iPad, MacBook, iPhone as well as the Apple TV. Here are the steps to make that work.

facetime tv 1
Step 1

First you have to make sure that the devices for opening up the Facetime such as iPhone is within the same Wi-Fi network of your Apple TV.

facetime tv 2

Step 2
Using your iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the Control Center. Tap on Airplay and then select Apple TV the source to transmit the video.

Step 3
Click on the mirroring as you would want to use the iPhone for communications and the video will mirrored in the Apple TV.

Bonus tips
However, the next best tip you would want to do is to put your iPhone or iPad just above your Apple TV. This is to create a more natural conversation as you would be looking towards the TV and therefore facing your camera. This would create a natural Facetime experience because if not you would be looking at different place besides the camera in your iPhone or iPad.

3. Block Caller on Facetime

This simple tip will block any unwanted callers from calling you via Facetime. Just follow this simple steps.

facetime block

Step 1
Launch your FaceTime application. At your FaceTime home screen, it will show you a list of callers that have contacted you through FaceTime. Tap on the ‘i’ button on the far right.

Step 2
The FaceTime will then show you the caller information and also the history of calls made. At the bottom, there is the ‘Block this caller’ button function. Tap on this button and the contact will be block from calling you using FaceTime.

4. FaceTime not connecting

If you are trying to connect to someone using FaceTime and it seems not connecting, here are several tips and troubleshooting that you can use to restore it to a normal operation.

facetime not connecting

Check the internet connection
One of the main reason your FaceTime is not connecting is due to no internet connection. FaceTime depends on the internet for connecting to other FaceTime users. If you are using your office Wi-Fi, a quick check with your IT department will give you the indication whether your office internet is down or not. If you are using your own home Wi-Fi network, a quick check with your Wi-Fi router and your internet provider will let you know whether the internet is the main cause of your FaceTime not working.

Restart your devices
If the internet is all green ahead but your FaceTime is still not connecting, the other factor might be that your Apple devices is loaded with parallel running applications in the background. A quick restart of your Apple devices will clear up and refresh the memory needed for the FaceTime application. Sometimes, your Wi-Fi router also need to be restarted as it may sometimes may hang due to overheating.

Restart FaceTime
However, before you even go the extra mile of restarting your Apple devices, restarting your FaceTime application is probably the quickest trouble shooting you can do. This can be done by going to the settings. There you will see the FaceTime on and off button. Just flick the button to the off mode. Then you will have the FaceTime application to be deactivated. Turn On back again to reactivate your FaceTime. This will normally do the trick.

You got blocked
So, if all else fails and your FaceTime is still not connecting, try to FaceTime with another contact that you definitely know is not blocking you. If that contact does get through, this means that the initial person that you want to contact but could not connect is blocking you. Nothing much can be done there except send the person who is blocking you a bouquet of flowers or fruits.

5. Ask Siri to set up Facetime connection

If you are driving and want to make a quick facetime connection, you can always ask Siri to connect with your friends or contacts via FaceTime. Just follow these simple steps.

facetime siri

Step 1
Launch Siri by holding down the home button of your iPhone for more than 2 seconds.

Step 2
If your friend or contact name is in your iPhone address book and you have label the detail as John for example, you can then Say “Facetime John”. Siri will then ask whether you want an audio or video Facetime call with John. If you want an audio connection, just say “Audio”.

Step 3
Once confirmed with Siri, just wait for the connection to happen.

Bonus tips:-
If you have a friend or contact that have difficult name to pronounce, you can always change the name in your address book to something that is easier to pronounce. As long as you remember that the new details refers to that particular contact person.