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Top 7 Skype Interview Tips and Tricks

Top 7 Skype Interview Tips

With the world gone borderless nowadays, the workforce today is now able to hire people from across the world. Getting the best expert from around the world has been made much easier due to the internet and also instant messaging technology such as Skype. It seems nowadays, Human Resource department relies on instant messaging software such as Skype application to do interviews with potential candidates who could not make it for a face to face interviews. This method is cost efficient for both potential candidates and employee as it can save both cost and time during the interview stage. So, if you are one of the candidates that have been notified for a Skype interview, you may need to learn some of the tips and tricks for a Skype interview as it is not the same as a face to face interview. Below are the top 7 tips and tricks for candidates who is going to be interviewed using Skype.

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1. Understand how Skype Works

If you are new to Skype, it is better to get familiar with Skype first before that interview session will be held. Read how to create Skype account here. If you do not have the Skype application yet, you can download Skype for free at Skype. If you are newbie, try doing video skype calling practice first with your friends or get them to video call you using Skype. By getting familiar with Skype, you will not be seen too anxious or worried during the interview process. Get familiar and good at handling skype so that you can focus on the most important thing and that is your interview process.

2. Have Professional Skype Username and profile picture

If you are not new to Skype and have been using it before, you definitely will already have a Skype username and also profile picture. However, video chatting with your friend and video interviewing with a potential employer is totally two different conversation. Take a look at your username, user profile and your status and make sure it sounds and looks professional. You want to make a first good impression to your potential employer. However, if you do not want to mix your Skype username that you use with your friends, you can always open up a new Skype account dedicated only to that skype interview and therefore you can customise your profile detail as professional as you can be. Read here on how to change your Skype username.

3. Test your equipment before the interview

The most important equipment for a Skype interview is a computer, webcam, microphone and speaker. If you want more clarity in hearing the interviewer’s questions you can also use headphones. Having a high end microphone and also webcam would definitely give you an advantage as a good microphone will send a clear audio voice to your interviewer and a high definition webcam will send quality video and in turn give you positive impression. Test also your internet speed as a slow internet will cause skype calling session to be terminated or hang. A day before the interview, it is important for you to test all these equipment to see if they are working and running smoothly. Just before the skype interview session, close all other running applications in your laptop or computer to ensure no interruption from other applications during the interview.

4. Dress up for the interview – Your appearance matters

Even though you will probably be having the Skype interview call right in your bedroom, it does not mean you should dress as you would normally do in your house. Dressing in your Pyjamas is a definite no-no. Remember that your future employer wants to do a Skype video calling is because they want to see your face and read any body language and facial expression that will ultimately make them decide to hire you or not. They could not get this through telephone interview. Therefore, it is very important for you to dress up as you would normally do for a face to face interview.
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5. Prepare your environment

Humans are easily distracted. Remember you want the interviewer to focus on you. You want to be the star in that video skype calling interview. Therefore, the best environment for a Skype interview is a plain background with a quiet room. Remove any items in the background that can be distracting. Be particular on the lighting as well. It is better to have the interview in a bright-lit room. Ensure also there is no other people around that can distract the conversation. If you are doing the skype interview at home and you have kids, better ensure that your kids will not come and pop up in front of your webcam during the interview. If you have a baby in the house, a crying baby during the interview will also be a distraction to you and also the interviewer. Have your spouse take the baby and children out for an hour or two during the skype interview session as to avoid any possible disturbances.

6. Make eye contact with your interviewer

When you are doing a Skype interviewing, remember that your video feed to the interviewer is captured by the webcam that is normally located just above your laptop screen. The interviewer sees you through this webcam and you on the other hand see your interviewer in your computer screen that is below the webcam. Therefore, it will show as though you are avoiding eye contact with the interviewer. Psychologically, it is important that when you are speaking to the interviewer, you must show that you are making eye contact as psychologically this can gain trust. You can fake the ‘Make eye contact’ by looking directly into your webcam and not your computer screen. By doing this, it will appear from the side at your interviewer’s computer that you are looking straight at them. You need some practice to do this but it definitely will give you an added advantage compared to other candidates who will not do this.

7. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

After you have prepared all of the steps required, be prepare also for the worst. This includes your computer crashing down during the interview or your internet became unstable suddenly. If you are not that good at your computer, it is best to have a friend that is good at troubleshooting computer near you during the interview as this will help if your computer breaks down suddenly. Hope for the best and remain calm for the entire session. The reason for employer prefer to use Skype as the alternative to seeing you face to face is to see your body language. So, it is best to just remain calm and treat this process as a normal face to face interview. Just answer with clarity direct to your microphone. The advantage of Skype is that you can put notes behind or above your laptop or computer just to help you with any questions as long as the notes remains outside the Skype webcam.

We hope that these 7 Skype Interview tips and tricks helps and we wish you a very good luck on your Skype interview.