How to do WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging used by most mobile users to date. Since being acquired by Facebook back in February 2014, it has introduced certain innovative features such as the WhatsApp Desktop. And now, WhatsApp may be gaining another advantage again compared to other instant messaging platform by introducing the video call feature.

So, what is WhatsApp Video Call?

Starting 15 November 2016, WhatsApp have updated its popular instant messaging platform to be able to make video calling as well. This is consider a significant update and a direct competition to Skype and also FaceTime that is known for its video calling feature. The video call is free of charge and the only charge you need to pay is the internet usage.


How can you enable and try this feature? Here are the steps below.

Step 1

Open your WhatsApp application. Choose any person in your WhatsApp contact details that you want to connect. In the chat screen, tap the video icon at the top.


Step 2

If you have not enable your camera access to WhatsApp, the application will automatically show a menu requesting you to enable this feature in the setting. Tap on the ‘Settings’ option

Step 3

Once you are in the WhatsApp settings, enable the camera.

Step 4

You can then start your video call. At the video call screen menu, you will have the option to change camera to use either rear or front camera. You can also mute the video call. The red button is to terminate the video call.


Another good thing about WhatsApp video call is that it is totally encrypted. Therefore you should not be worried of your video call being intercept by hackers.

So, what can you do with WhatsApp video call? If you are familiar with Skype and FaceTime, you would know the enormous potential you can do with this new feature. If you are on a holiday trip, you can show your trip live to your parents and friends. Grandparents would definitely enjoy seeing their grandchild face instead of just text words. You can also conduct interviews now using WhatsApp. There are many more ways you can use the WhatsApp video call depending on your needs and creativity.