How to Use WhatsApp Status Function

How to use whatsapp status function

On 24th February 2017, WhatsApp have evolved to an instant messaging platform to a social media platform by introducing a new “Status” function. By introducing this function, you can share photos, images and videos to your friends and contact in the WhatsApp platform. The status feature also lets you edit that post with emojis, text and also finger drawings similar to what you have in Instagram and Snapchat stories.

You can also select whether you want to post to your entire contact list or just select your audience based on your contacts. Therefore, if you are starting and trying out this function, please double check your contact list. As sometimes you have an outdated contact list that may have people you do not know in there since your previous contact may have change their phone number.

Similar to Instagram and Snapchat also, the post will disappear in 24 hours. So, if the function is similar to Snapchat and Instagram, why bother of having to update status in WhatsApp if you can also do the same thing at Instagram? The difference is the audiences.

In WhatsApp it is more direct and personal as it delivers the status content directly to your WhatsApp contacts. Remember that WhatsApp is an instant messaging that have a social media platform as an addition. Meanwhile, Instagram and Snapchat is a social media platform that have direct instant messaging as an addition.

So, how can you start using this cool WhatsApp Status function? Below are the step by step on how you can do just that.

step 1 whatsapp status function

Step 1
First, open your WhatsApp application in your phone. Tap on the circle icon below that have the label “Status”.

step 2 whatsapp status function

Step 2
At the WhatsApp Status menu, tap on the “My Status” to start creating your status update.

step 3 whatsapp status function

Step 3
After tapping “My Status”, you will enter the camera mode. Tap on the circle icon below. Hold for videos and tap for photos. You can also select pictures or videos from your photo gallery in your phone.

step 4 whatsapp status function

Step 4
After recording you’re your video or capturing your image, you can further edit by tapping the icon above. You have the option of choosing emojis, typing text and also finger drawing.

step 5 whatsapp status function

Step 5
You can move around the emojis and text by using your finger. You can also increase the emoji and text size by using two fingers. Pinch up to enlarge and pinch down to reduce the size. Once you are satisfied with the editing you can put a caption before you submit it for your status update.

The status update you send will disappear after 24 hours or you choose to delete it before the 24 hours.

Privacy Settings
However, before you start creating and updating your status, make sure to check the privacy settings first. As the status will be seen by all of your contacts in WhatsApp by default. Therefore it is important that you check the privacy settings and choose who can see your status in WhatsApp.

So, there you have it. The guide on how to use WhatsApp new status function. Make sure also to check our previous article on how to use WhatsApp Video Call.