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How to Revoke WhatsApp Messages that You Have Sent (And Avoid the Embarassment)

How to Delete Embarassing WhatsApp Messages

If you have frequently used the WhatsApp application, probably you have sent messages by mistake, and you wish you can delete it. WhatsApp now has enabled the function where you can delete the messages that you sent to your friend or message sent in a WhatsApp group. So, no more the awkward or embarrassing message that you mistakenly sent to your boss that was meant for your wife.

However, this function only valid for the latest WhatsApp version. You can only delete messages that you have sent not less than 7 minutes. After 7 minutes, the message is permanent in your group, and you cannot delete it afterwards.

Here are the steps on how you can delete your WhatsApp message before the 7 minutes is up.

Delete Whatsapp messages step 1

Step 1
In the group chat screen or your chat screen with your friends, tap the message that you want to delete more than 3 seconds.

delete whatsapp messages step 2

Step 2
Once you press more than 3 seconds, a scroll menu will be shown above the message. Tap the arrow to the right to see more options.

delete whatsapp messages step 3

Step 3
Scroll to the left until you see the option for “Delete”

delete whatsapp messages step 4

Step 4

You can then select multiple messages for deletion. Just tick to select the messages. Once done, tap the dustbin icon at the below left of the screen.

delete whatsapp messages step 5

Step 5
You will be given two option. You can choose to “Delete for Everyone” or “Delete for Me”. If you want to delete the messages that you sent from everybody’s phone, choose the option to “Delete for Everyone”.

However, if you only want to delete the messages from your phone, choose the option “Delete for Me”. Remember that if you choose “Delete for Me”, the messages that you sent will remains in your friend’s phone.

Once you are done step 5, you have successfully deleted your messages. The message you delete will be shown like this. Therefore, your friends who did not manage to see it before you delete it only can see this. But, they will know that you have deleted a message.

So, there you have it. The step by step on how you can delete or revoke your awkward or embarrassing messages that you have sent. Remember that you only have seven minutes to act. Or else you have to live with that message with the rest of your life. Please leave us a comment on this new WhatsApp function.