Top 9 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Top 9 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Since it was acquired by Facebook in February 2014, WhatsApp now has gone through further enhancement and modification to its function. This function enhancement is done to make it not just a cross-platform instant messaging app but also a social media platform as well. WhatsApp user base has also grown to more than 1 billion monthly active users. Here we list down some of the tips and tricks that WhatsApp have currently that you probably don’t know.


Remember when you accidentally sent an embarrassing message to your WhatsApp group that you wish you can delete? WhatsApp has now enabled an option that allows you to delete your messages that have been sent. However, you need to act fast. You can only delete messages that have been sent less than 7 minutes. More than that, forever you hold your peace and live with the embarrassment. Here is how you can delete your message. Read here also our previous post on how you can revoke sent WhatsApp messages.

how to delete whatsapp sent messages 1

Step 1
Tap on the message you want to delete

Step 2
If your message was sent less than 7 minutes, you will have two options of deleting the message for everyone and deleting message just for you. If you want to delete your message from everyone’s WhatsApp account, just tap the “Delete for Everyone”


Once you read a message, the blue tick will appear in your friends WhatsApp account showing that you have read his or her message. However, there are some moments where you want to read a message but don’t want to be seen as being online. Here are the ways where you can avoid the blue ticks. Read here in our previous article on what is the WhatsApp blue ticks.

avoid whatsapp blue ticks 2

Step 1
Open WhatsApp account and go to ‘Settings’. Then go to ‘Account’. At the Account menu, tap ‘Privacy’

Step 2
At the privacy menu, disable the Read Receipts. Once you disable this, all your read messages will not show the blue ticks. It works vice-versa. You also will not see the blue ticks if somebody else has read your messages as well.


You have sent a message to your WhatsApp group. Now, you want to see who has read and not read yet your message. Here is how you can do to check that.

see who read whatsapp messages 3

Step 1
Tap at your own messages that you have posted in a WhatsApp group. Swipe left.

Step 2
WhatsApp will show all your friends in that group that have read your messages at what date and time. It will also show your friends that have not read your messages yet.


WhatsApp can be data consuming as well data hoarding your phone’s storage as well. However, you can control and limit the data usage of your WhatsApp by applying this steps.

control whatsapp data usage 4

Step 1
Open WhatsApp account and go to Settings. Tap on the “Data and Storage Usage”

Step 2
At the “Data and Storage Usage” menu, enable all media auto-download to Wi-Fi instead of cellular. Enable also the “Low Data Usage” for WhatsApp calls to save your cellular data cost.


Tired of using your WhatsApp on your smartphones? You can also chat with your friends using WhatsApp on your desktop or Laptop. Here is a quick way how you can do just that.

use whatsapp desktop 5

Go to . Log into your WhatsApp account.

If this is your first time using the WhatsApp web, you will need to scan a QR code using your smartphone. This will automatically link your WhatsApp account to the website.


Been receiving a lot of pictures and videos via WhatsApp that you want to save but have limited storage on your phone? Why not save it directly to your desktop computer. Here how you can save those files in WhatsApp directly into your PC.

download whatsapp direct to PC 6

Step 1
Open your WhatsApp account on your desktop or laptop. In the chat column on the right, tap the video/pictures/file that you want to download

Step 2
A new window will appear. Tap the arrow icon at the above right to download the file directly to your computer


WhatsApp message can only be seen by you unless you shared it with other people. However, your phone also has the message preview when your phone on the lock screen. If you do not want anybody else to see that on your phone while you are not there, you can always disable the preview. Here are the simple steps on how you disable the WhatsApp preview.

hide whatsapp message preview 7

Step 1
Open your WhatsApp account. Go to Settings. Tap the “Notifications”

Step 2
At the notifications, disable the “Show Preview”


Have some favourite messages or chat that you have with your loved ones? You can actually save that message so that you can view it again in another time. No need to scroll down the messages to find it again. Here is how you can do it.

favourite whatsapp messages 8

Step 1
Open your WhatsApp chat. Tap on the message you want to save or favourite. A scrolling menu will appear above the message.

Step 2
Tap the star icon there

Step 3
Go to Settings. Tap at the ‘Starred Messages’ option to see your saved/favourite message there


Tired of typing your message? If you own an iPhone, you can actually just as Siri, your virtual assistant to type the message for you. Here are the steps on how you can do that.

Ask Siri to type whatsaspp messages 9

Step 1
This only applicable to an iPhone. You can activate Siri by pressing the home button for 2 seconds.

Step 2
You can either talk to Siri to type a message or you can tap at the menu shown by Siri.

So, there you have it. Read also our previous article on how to make yourself invisible while chatting in WhatsApp. Please leave us a comment if we leave other top WhatsApp tips and tricks that are worth sharing.