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Facetime PC

By myinstantmessaging / July 21, 2014

Facetime is an application developed specifically for the use of communicating via video call using your iPhone, iPad or even you Mac. It is designed to run under the iOS platform as this operating software are developed as a closed environment and therefore Apple does not allow the apps to run in other PC other […]


Does Facetime Use Minutes?

By myinstantmessaging / February 24, 2014

Facetime, true to its name, is a video communication application introduced by Apple. It was first introduced in iPhone 4 and since then has also been included in all Appleā€™s devices such as iPad, Macbook and others. When it was first introduced, the application depended only on Wi-Fi connection, but starting from iPhone 4S and […]


Facetime Without Wifi

By myinstantmessaging / February 21, 2014

Facetime is an application that is already pre-installed in your Apple device. You can read more on Facetime and its application and a view the short animation in that article. With Facetime, there is no need to download or open any new account. As soon as you get your iPhone, iPad or any Apple device, […]