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Free Call from Internet to Mobile

By myinstantmessaging / January 12, 2015

With the development of many free instant messaging apps and also software, it is now easy to make free call from the internet to mobile phone. And what is amazing about this is some of the application and services offered is free. If you are living in the US or Canada, one of the easy […]


Whatsapp for Desktop

By myinstantmessaging / July 19, 2014

If you are currently a user of WhatsApp, you would definitely be using it in regularly in your smartphones. The WhatsApp is designed to work on your phone as an alternative to the text messaging function in your phone that actually charge you per usage. By using WhatsApp, you can text for free and even […]


Facetime Won’t Work

By myinstantmessaging / July 12, 2014

If you are having problem with your Facetime and it won’t work suddenly and not operating as usual as you want, here are some quick tips for you to do your own trouble-shooting. 1. Check whether you have the latest iOS There have been many reports that once iPhone users updated their iOS 6 to […]


Whatsapp Location Sharing

By myinstantmessaging / July 10, 2014

WhatsApp has becoming as one of the fast and cheap method of instant messaging services across various platforms. You will be able to send text messages, pictures, audio and even video messages. These are some of the functions that normally a typical user will do. However, there are several other function that some users are […]


Facetime Failed to Connect

By myinstantmessaging / May 20, 2014

If you are visiting this page, most probably you are experiencing a Facetime failed in connecting or the application itself just would not open. You tried to switch off your Apple devices and restart it back but Facetime would still failed to connect. So, what is exactly the problem? Reports across the internet have mentioned […]


Facetime Data Usage

By myinstantmessaging / April 16, 2014

Facetime is an Instant Messaging application that uses Internet as the medium of data usage and interchange. This means that the audio, video and even text messages can be send and also received using internet. Therefore, in order to budget your cost of using Facetime, users need to be aware of the Facetime Data Usage. […]


Viber Data Usage

By myinstantmessaging / April 13, 2014

For anyone who is familiar with the Instant Messaging software Viber, some would probably wondering on the Viber Data Usage. The amount of data usage depends on the bandwidth rate during a Viber call is made. Based on Viber website, the data usage is approximately around 240 KB per minute up and down and that […]


Facetime Conference Call

By myinstantmessaging / April 12, 2014

Facetime is great application that can be use not only for personal use but as well as business usage. Read here on the potential usage of Facetime for business as well as personal. For people who are familiar with Facetime would know that the application only allows a one to one video communication only. Facetime […]


Is Facetime Secure?

By myinstantmessaging / April 10, 2014

Facetime is a cross platform Instant Messaging software designed by Apple to be used in its devices such as iPhone, iPad and also its iMac notebook. It is designed in such a way that it seems to be a seamless connection between the various platforms and a simple means of communication. Due to the easiness […]


Whatsapp Supported Phones

By myinstantmessaging / March 31, 2014

Whatsapp is an Instant Messaging application that is designed for smartphones. It can be categorized as cross-platform instant messaging application that allows the users to exchange messages without the need to pay. You can even create groups and send not only text messages but also pictures, videos and also audio messages all at almost no […]

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