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Facetime Troubleshooting

By myinstantmessaging / March 19, 2014

Facetime is an application that was introduced by Apple since the introduction of iPhone 4. The application allows people to video call other people with a seamless connection via Apple devices that includes iPad, iPhone and so forth. However, there are some troubleshooting that is needed whenever there is some connection problem or if you […]


Forgot Skype Password

By myinstantmessaging / March 18, 2014

The one common problem Skype user normally experienced is that they keep forgetting their Skype password. Together with many other internet and email accounts, they tend to forgot Skype password and which password is used for which account. However, this problem can be rectified immediately by knowing your registered email under the Skype account. Sometimes, […]


Facetime using Apple TV

By myinstantmessaging / March 14, 2014

For people who have purchased Apple TV, you might be interested to know that the Facetime application that is being used in your iPhone or iPads can also be used in your Apple TV. Probably the reason is that they want to share the video communication with a broader group as the TV can be […]


Does Facetime Cost Anything?

By myinstantmessaging / March 11, 2014

The Facetime application is bundled into the Apple Devices such as iPhone, iPad and so forth. It is an application in which you can opt to do video calling instead of normal phone call through a network operator. Facetime works well through Wi-Fi or wireless internet. So the question some user will have is the […]


How to do Whatsapp Broadcast

By myinstantmessaging / March 9, 2014

Whatsapp is an application that is designed to include a large group of users for the purpose of instant group communication without the need to open a Whatsapp group. One interesting feature to do this in Whatsapp is the ability to do broadcasting. The broadcasting feature allows any Whatsapp users to send a message to […]


How to Backup Whatsapp Messages

By myinstantmessaging / March 5, 2014

Whatsapp has grown in popularity and many users are now using Whatsapp for their text messages. Some of the interesting conversations and also informations are shared using the whatsapp platform. However, users also sometimes needs to change phones or uninstall the apps for various reasons. One interesting features of Whatsapp is the ability to back […]


Does Facetime Use Minutes?

By myinstantmessaging / February 24, 2014

Facetime, true to its name, is a video communication application introduced by Apple. It was first introduced in iPhone 4 and since then has also been included in all Appleā€™s devices such as iPad, Macbook and others. When it was first introduced, the application depended only on Wi-Fi connection, but starting from iPhone 4S and […]


3 Way Skype Communication

By myinstantmessaging / February 23, 2014

Skype is an instant messaging application that provides cheap, fast and reliable connection to users of the internet. It also supports video call as well as text messages. If you installed Skype in your mobile phone or computers, you probably have used it for a direct one to one communication. However, Skype also provides the […]


Facetime Without Wifi

By myinstantmessaging / February 21, 2014

Facetime is an application that is already pre-installed in your Apple device. You can read more on Facetime and its application and a view the short animation in that article. With Facetime, there is no need to download or open any new account. As soon as you get your iPhone, iPad or any Apple device, […]


3 Way Facetime

By myinstantmessaging / February 19, 2014

Facetime is an application introduced by Apple for its devices specifically for video communication. It is embedded in its products such as Macbook, iPhone, and iPad to name a few. The Facetime allows a two way video communication between one Apple devices to another Apple device. Facetime uses email address and also phone number as […]

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