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Whatsapp Change Number

By myinstantmessaging / November 24, 2014

If you are an avid user of WhatsApp and you want to change your smartphone or your phone number, how do you set your phone so that the WhatsApp also uses the change number? This need to be done due to the fact that WhatsApp function primarily based by using your phone number. Therefore each […]


Is Whatsapp Safe?

By myinstantmessaging / November 23, 2014

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging software that can be used to communicate with people through their smartphones. This simple app allows people to seamlessly keep in touch with individuals as well as with groups with minimal cost. However, the main question that some people would be asking in using this app is that does […]


Whatsapp Blue Ticks

By myinstantmessaging / November 19, 2014

WhatsApp is a popular cross platform instant messaging that allows people to send messages free of charge. This is due to the fact that it uses the internet as the medium for communication and therefore the only cost that you need to pay in using the WhatsApp application is the internet charges. However, for the […]


How to Delete Whatsapp Account

By myinstantmessaging / September 26, 2014

Whatsapp is a popular Instant Messaging application that has been used by many smartphones users across the world. However, as people upgrade or change their phone, there is the need to delete Whatsapp account in the smartphones. You definitely do not want a message that was meant to be sent to you via Whatsapp but […]


How to Block Whatsapp Downloading

By myinstantmessaging / September 16, 2014

Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging software that allows many people to connect simultaneously at the same time. Whatsapp also enables the users to share files such as pictures, videos and audios using its instant messaging platform. A person who shares the media files using the platform will enable the automatic Whatsapp downloading to the […]


Whatsapp Type of Users

By myinstantmessaging / August 31, 2014

Whatsapp is an instant messaging platform that enables people to chat using a free based application. People who are using Whatsapp right now would probably having multiple groups for communications. However, if you look closely, you can see that the Whatsapp is now behaving similarly to a social media platform but at a simpler and […]


Whatsapp Block

By myinstantmessaging / July 22, 2014

Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging application that have been downloaded by many people unto their mobile devices for the purpose of communicating. One of the most popularly used Whatsapp function is the Whatsapp group in which anybody with the installed app can invite people into a group setting chat and they can share text […]


Whatsapp for Desktop

By myinstantmessaging / July 19, 2014

If you are currently a user of WhatsApp, you would definitely be using it in regularly in your smartphones. The WhatsApp is designed to work on your phone as an alternative to the text messaging function in your phone that actually charge you per usage. By using WhatsApp, you can text for free and even […]


Whatsapp Location Sharing

By myinstantmessaging / July 10, 2014

WhatsApp has becoming as one of the fast and cheap method of instant messaging services across various platforms. You will be able to send text messages, pictures, audio and even video messages. These are some of the functions that normally a typical user will do. However, there are several other function that some users are […]


Does Whatsapp Expired?

By myinstantmessaging / April 20, 2014

So, you just downloaded Whatsapp from your iTunes or Google Play Store for free. Probably the next lingering question in your mind is whether this Whatsapp will forever be a freebie app or do they have a Whatsapp expired date? Whatsapp has clearly stated that they will not put ads into the application as they […]

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